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little zebra

The Little Zebra

At Little Zebra, we focus on activity based learing, since conscious learing emerges from activity & performance. Children are encouraged to accommodate changes in theory and practise in ways that add value to their discipline. The school uses child friendly educational aids to foster self learing and allows a child to learn according to his/her aptitude and skill. Our methodology gives the child as mush physical and intellectual freedom as is seen safe and possible. With hands on experience our children are able to learn using all five senses.

Our curriculum is language rich since story telling, drama and poetry are a part of every lesson. This helps stimulate the child sense of wonder and imagination. The programme is designed to appeal to the 'head, heart and hands' that is to reach the children through all their senses. Every child is encouraged to create and to learn new skills in their own comfort level. our classroms are filled with child-sized equipment for activites that stimulate practical life. The program is geared towards planned learning of the pre-concepts of math and science in a fun, exploratory way. Based on this approach the curriculum is designed to help children develop a wide spectrum of skills in a positive environment.

Our goal is to help children become socially and emotionally well adjusted and grow up as physically strong and happy. Observing and listening carefully to child interests and understanding how to plan activities that add meaning and value to their understanding is our prime focus of educating pre-schoolers. We believe in partnering with families to provide a foundation for eariy education while developing the whole in a secure and nurturing environment.

Our role as educators is to facilatate and guide their educational journey always in tune to their individual way of learning and processing information. Our teachers only work to guide and observe and do not act as instructors or disciplinarians. Our dedicated team, encourage exploration that makes learning fun. The aim of our teachers would be to construct a learning environment in which children are given opportunities to make decisions, pursue their questions and discover new ideas through play and informal learning activities. Guided participation in the activites of the children is the primary role of our teachers at Little Zebra.