Director's Message

Our school's curriculum allows our children to grow naturally and at their own pace. We give our children structure and freedom to choose their environment and we give them emotional and physical security. We strongly believe in the value of free play. Our care and compassion are like the water and sun that nurture the growth of a seed. Likewise it is in this kind of an environment that a child becomes confident, independent, intellectually risk-taking, creative, resourceful and socially and emotionally adaptable.

I believe that there is no place more vibrant with children enjoying the time of their lives when nothing matters more than having fun! Early childhood is such a wonderful time for children and we need to be careful of how we raise our children during these precious years.Children are fragile beings and we need to provide and protect them in a nurturing environment, yet at the same time give them room to grow and experience things by themselves.

I encourage you to visit our school and experience what it's like for yourself. Looking forward to welcoming you at our doors !

Yours sincerely,
Anusha Aditya.