Activities for Kids

play school

The Little Zebra

This Playhouse is a warm community oriented learning environment with the curriculam geared toward the growth of the 'whole child'. A Play based curriculum offers children opportunities through the day to develop the ability to think and work. Our dedicated staff encourage exploration that makes learning fun.

  1. Read 2 Lead

    The Key to reading readiness during the toddler years is where we introduce your child to books and print in a stimulating environment, thereby encouraging your child into the world of reading. young students can improve their reading and bond with friends in a fun group setting.

    (3yrs - 6yrs)
  2. Leap 2 Learn

    This after school program empowers your child with knowledge combining technology, animated characters, art n craft, and music and inspires a love of learning in your child. Here we recognise and support the amazing potential children have to learn. Hence we have developed programes with each and every individual child in mind.

    (5yrs and above)
  3. Early Learning Robotics

    Robotics for the first time in the city has been adopted as a part of an onboard academic pre-school program at Little Zebra. Legos have long enjoyed widespread use with children of diversified age groups. It serves as a creative outlet for children after they arrive home from school. On an educational context, most parents are perhaps more familiar with robotics program in high schools or engineering at the college level."These primary building blocks, however, can also serve as a fundamental part of early childhood education"quotes the Director.

    The Child's ability to be manipulated, to leverage the power of colours, sizes and structures are strong. It also helps engage the creative mind for unique instructional capabilities that act effectively as a learning tool to those under the age of 8. One of the most important skills is spatial reasoning which helps students create complex models using their own set of blocks. There is a considerable difference in spatial reasoning achievement between students who have used lego for a minimum period and those who have not. The brilliant feature of lego and duplo is that they always showcase a different concept every time. The school also offers an after school program for children between 4 and 9 years.

  4. Gymnastics

    Little Zebra, Coimbatore is the first school in the city to bring in Gymnastics as an alternate sport for children between the ages of and 9. A large spacious hall well equipped with gymnastic gear is an attraction for a curious parent. Participation in gymnastics helps children stay flexible, fit and healthy. Gymnastics is one of the most compressive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline. Whether they are involved in the sport for recreation or competition the skills learned can benefit a child's overall health and development. The trainers who have both trained at the National Level, hail from West Bengal are earnest about the sport. Children also have fun meeting new friends and challenging each other to tumbling and back flips. The challenging nature of gymnastics requires both commitment and concentration says the Director.Rules and codes of contact in gymnastics helps children learn the importance of rules for safety and teach respect toward others.

    Little Zebra runs an after school Gymnastics program for children between 3pm and 7pm.