For Parents

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First Days of Play School

First days at play school may be difficult for some childern, especially when it is a child's first experience away from family. Do not be disturbed if during the first days of school your child is shy, clinging, aggressive, won't share or cries easily. These are often symptoms of tension in a new situation will disappear as he/she becomes familiar with new people and surroundings. Adjustment to preschool is gradual. Be sympathetic, supportive, but firm. A cheerful smile, a wave, verbal assurance that you will return in time (with a QUICK departure) can do much in creating a smooth transition.

What is a high-quality early childhood program?
  • Frequent, positive, warm interactions among teachers and child
  • Planned learning activities appropriate to children's age and dev
  • Specially trained teachers and administrators
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Enough adults to respond to individual children
  • Play school prepare children for their entry into formal school
  • Many and varied age-appropriate materials
  • Respect for cultural diversity
  • A healthy and safe environment
  • play school helps minimize separation anxiety
  • Inclusive environments
  • Play schools also teach children to recognize their own possessions
  • Regular, two-way communication with families who are welcome
  • Effective administation
  • Ongoing, systematic evaluations