Facilities At The Play School

play school in coimbatore
  • Well laid out,child safe, and spacious environments with child sized equipment for various activities.
  • A well stocked library (available only for our children registered at little Zebra) with good quality, highly-recommended books for pre-schoolers.
  • The availability of child tested Montessori materials for their various developmental activities as a part of the planned curriculum.
  • An indoor play pen well carpeted for toddlers to play safely in both rain and sun.
  • A well equipped out door play area.
  • A garden designed aesthetically for each child to enjoy a snack/meal in a warm family atmosphere.
  • An audio-visual room for the children to enjoy a weekly session of audio - visual learning aids.
  • An availability of space and programmes for mothers to keep fit and occupied while the children are in our play school.
  • An extensive football ground that supports co-curricular sports facitilies for the primary school.
  • An infirmary with medical factilies for nursing sick children on emergencies
  • Transport for safe pickup and drop facility
  • 1:10 staff student ratio for effective personal care and attention
  • An exclusive child friendly hall for gymnastics