Application For Registration

Please read the application carefully and fill in complete and accurate information

Name of the Child

Sex :

Male Female
Date of Birth  

Address with

Landline Telephone No

  Father Mother
Educational Qualification


Office / Shop
Mobile No.
Batch Morning Afternoon

Name of the Person/Guardian to be contacted in case of emergency with Telephone Number

Please furnish your child's Pediatrician's name and contact No.

Physical condition of the child.

Any disorder or challenges

Allergies if any - Yes No

(if yes)

Parent Questionnaire : Annexure 1

Please take a few moments to fill in the questionnaire below to help us understand your child better.

How much time do you spend reading/singing to your child? Mention the kind of books your child prefers.

How does your Child interact with : Peers Parents Adults

Can you give an instance relating to any behavioural issue with your child, which was particularly challenging? How did you deal with it?

What are the languages spoken at home?

What else would you like us to know about your child?

Parent Questionnaire : Annexure 2

Please take a few moments to fill in the questionnaire below to help us understand your child better.

How did you hear about LITTLE ZEBRA? :

Friends Website Advertisement

Article in newspaper/magazine Others -please specify

Based on information you have received about the school from other sources, what are your expectations? What kind of a school environment are you looking for?

What are your expectations of the school in terms of Co-Curricular activities?

Why did you choose LITTLE ZEBRA?

What are the main values you would like to instill in your child? List at least three. How do you participate in ensuring that these values are nurtured?

How do you ensure a balance between academics and your child 's other interests?

What do you do when you spend time together with your child ?

How do you, as parents, ensure that you support your child's learning?

What are your aspirations for your child after graduating from school?

In the event of both parents working, who would be responsible for your child during the day?

What are your special interests?

Mother: Father :

Given your special interests and occupation, how do you think you can contribute to the school community?

What are your views on more books for a student of your child’s age?

What is role of teacher in a child’s life according to you?

Would you like to volunteer at school on a regular basis? If so how many hours per week can you devote? In what areas, would you be able to support? how and in what way?

* If the information provided is false or inaccurate your application is liable to be rejected. Please remember that Little Zebra also reserves the right to cancel admission already made and forfeilt all fees paid.