Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Little Zebra. We hope to make your and your child's experience at Little Zebra as memorable as possible. In order to ensure this, the school follows certain rules and regulation, some of which are listed below. The management of Little Zebra reserves the right to amend or modify the rules and regulations at any time and such amendments/ modifications shall be applicable from the day they are notified to you. Please keep the spirit of the rules and regulations below in mind.

  1. Admission to the Little Zebra school shall be at the discretion of the management. Management may not assign any reasons for refusing admission.

  2. Fees must be paid within the time notified by management. The fees once paid will not be refunded.

  3. Regularity of attendance is of utmost importance. Every day provide an experience to the child and extremely valuable. Please dont't underestimate the loss of value on account of a day's absence.

  4. Regular interaction with the teachers assigned to your child is necessary and welcome. This helps us understand the child better. However, prior appointment shall be needed to meet the director and the teachers as well.

  5. The time during which the Little Zebra functions will be separately communicated to you. You have to ensure that your child is picked up at the appropriate time. Prior permission shall be needed to take the child home early.

  6. The management will issue a separate gate-pass for each child. The gate-pass has to be produced by the adult to receive the child. Please report loss of gate-pass immediately.

  7. Please note that the management will not be responsible if the child is handed over to the adult who produces a gate-pass. The management may also refuse to hand over the child to any suspicious adult even if the gate-pass is produced.

  8. It is but natural that children may get hurt during their time at Little Zebra The management also reserves the right to administer first-aid to the children and also take the children to the nearest medical centre/hospital.

  9. Children must be dressed in comfortable clothes and shoes(only Velcro and not laces).

  10. Children must not carry any expensive clothes, jewellery(including dangling earrings), toys and watches.Management is not responsible for the loss of any such items. We will not encourage any discussions / allegations against the teachers, staff and maids at the at the Little Zebra school in case of loss of any such items.

  11. No gifts are permitted to be given to the director or teachers.

  12. Please ensure that the child brings wholesome vegetarian food. Further non-vegetarian food and egg preparations are not permitted.

  13. Children are allowed to celebrate their birthdays in the Play school by distribbuting candy to their friends/all children in the school.

  14. The management reserves the right to get external evaluation of the children to determine whether the child suffers from any disorder.

  15. Parents are encouraged active participation in publicly administered medical programs such as pulse polio etc. if you wish that your child does not participate in such programs, please notify the management by making a specific statement in the application itself.

  16. Please do not teach the child alphabets and numbers. The Montessori method adopts a different philosophy and children tend to get confused if they are taught at home.

  17. Please regulate the television programs that children watch home. Children should be permitted to watch only programs that are created for children.The behavior of children gets influenced by the kind of programs they watch.

  18. Additional charges may be applicable for special programs such as annual day costume, photographs and CDs, etc.